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My Background

As a seasoned ServiceNow Developer and Implementation Consultant, my career is marked by a deep-rooted expertise in crafting and implementing state-of-the-art solutions that drive organizational advancement. With over six years of comprehensive experience in ServiceNow, I have played a crucial role in numerous significant projects, continuously refining my abilities and expanding my understanding of this ever-evolving platform.

My professional journey is characterized by a relentless dedication to superior performance and a strong emphasis on producing concrete outcomes. I am adept at working with varied teams to design, develop, and deploy tailored ServiceNow solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of each enterprise.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in a broad spectrum of projects, including IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), custom application development, and process automation. These experiences have not only sharpened my ServiceNow expertise but also bolstered my flexibility, allowing me to excel in diverse environments.

My method in ServiceNow development and implementation combines formidable technical acumen with a keen understanding of organizational objectives. I am committed to fully leveraging the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to enhance process efficiency, improve user experiences, and promote business growth.

Being deeply engaged in the ServiceNow community, I continually update myself with the latest developments and best practices in the field, reflecting my belief in continuous learning and readiness to embrace the challenges of new projects.

In essence, as a ServiceNow Developer and Implementation Consultant, I offer extensive experience, a dedication to excellence, and a track record of delivering impactful solutions. I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge and skills to your organization, contributing to its ongoing success.

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Past Roles

Throughout my career as a ServiceNow ITSM Implementer, I've had the privilege of experiencing a broad spectrum of roles.

From the early stages of my professional journey to my most recent endeavours, I've consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a steadfast passion for continuous growth. My CV offers a glimpse into my professional voyage, highlighting my achievements, contributions, and the valuable knowledge I've accumulated over time.

I am genuinely excited about the possibility of discussing how my background and expertise can be an invaluable asset to your organization.

ServiceNow Developer and Implementation Consultant , Ministry of Justice, London

September 2022 - Date

Implementation Phase at MoJ: I was instrumental in implementing ServiceNow SAM Pro at the Ministry of Justice. My role involved leading detailed workshops to pinpoint stakeholders' specific business requirements. A key task was integrating third-party discovery sources to improve software asset tracking, ensuring alignment with ServiceNow's methodology for efficient project readines​​​​.

Configuration with the Development Team: Collaborating closely with the development team, I tailored ServiceNow's configuration to our needs. This involved streamlining software asset management workflows and customizing the user interface, which significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

Mentorship and Expertise: As a mentor and expert in ServiceNow, I guided the team through complex scenarios, sharing best practices for asset management. I conducted training sessions to promote a culture of continuous learning and expertise sharing within our team.

Process Automation: I focused on automating key processes within ServiceNow, such as the reconciliation of software licenses and the management of software entitlements. This automation was crucial in improving both the user experience and our operational productivity.

Stakeholder Collaboration: I played a key role in ensuring that the deployment of ServiceNow SAM Pro aligned with the MoJ's organizational needs. This involved regular meetings with stakeholders to gather feedback and adjust our approach, ensuring that our solution met the varied requirements of different departments.

Strategic Roadmap and Quality Assurance: I developed a strategic roadmap for the ServiceNow platform at the MoJ, aligning it with our goals and those of our clients. Working alongside the QA team, I ensured adherence to ServiceNow standards and delivered a high-quality, robust solution.

ServiceNow Consultant, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Milton Keynes

March 2022 - September 2022

Application Portfolio Management/ITSM implementation

Comprehensive Application Review a In my capacity, I meticulously examined our application suite at Mercedes Benz Financial Service. This task entailed scrutinizing each software tool for its practicality, impact, and financial burden. I pinpointed a number of inefficient, outdated systems, like archaic software draining our resources. My solution was to suggest cutting-edge strategies such as transitioning to cloud platforms and embracing new technologies, aimed at ramping up productivity while reducing costs.

Streamlining IT with ITSM: By adopting IT Service Management (ITSM) methodologies, I transformed our IT procedures. This process involved specifying distinct roles and duties, for example, appointing an Availability Manager to manage IT service continuity and efficiency. This tactic accelerated our decision-making, substantially lowering expenses and lessening operational risks.

Leading APM and ITSM Implementations: In collaboration with our IT, financial, and operational teams, I took a pivotal role in crafting and deploying Application Portfolio Management (APM) and ITSM frameworks. My involvement spanned from defining precise objectives, ensuring IT operations were in sync with our business goals, to confirming everyone's understanding of their contribution to these initiatives.

Ongoing Monitoring of Implementation: I diligently tracked the advancement of our APM and ITSM efforts against our established objectives and indicators. Such careful monitoring guaranteed that our strategies were in harmony with Mercedes Benz Financial Service's strategic goals, enabling necessary modifications in light of new challenges or business shifts.

End-User Training and Assistance: I delivered thorough training and persistent support to our users, ensuring their competence with the newly introduced systems and methods. Responsibilities included devising comprehensive guides, organizing training sessions, and setting up a responsive support desk.

Strategic Planning for Outdated Applications: I was instrumental in strategizing the discontinuation of obsolete applications, evaluating their business impact, and finding economically viable replacements. For instance, we substituted an antiquated CRM system with a more streamlined, cloud-based model, better aligning with our expansion plans.

Realized Organizational Gains: My endeavors resulted in notable advancements for Mercedes Benz Financial Service. We experienced a significant dip in IT expenditures, a reduction in operational hazards, and a more cohesive integration of IT with our fundamental business operations. This not only fortified our current business setup but also primed us for anticipated growth and adaptability.

ServiceNow SAMPro Implementation Consultant, Deutsche Bank, London

March 2021 - March 2022

ServiceNow Developer

As a ServiceNow SAMPro Implementation Consultant at Deutsche Bank in London, my role is focused on tailoring the ServiceNow platform to meet the unique requirements of the bank, particularly in the areas of Software Asset Management Professional (SAMPro) implementation. My work encompasses several crucial aspects:

SAMPro and ITSM Module Management: My involvement has been integral in deploying and refining the ServiceNow SAMPro module, alongside IT Service Management (ITSM). This includes configuring software asset management processes, ensuring compliance with software licenses, and managing the lifecycle of IT service requests.

Customization of Forms and Workflows: I have been responsible for customizing forms and developing streamlined workflows specifically for software asset management and IT service requests. This included creating workflows for managing software licenses, procurement processes, and compliance checks, which significantly improved operational efficiency within the bank.

Software Asset Reporting and Data Analytics: I led the implementation of advanced reporting tools for software asset management. I developed specialized dashboards providing insights into software utilization, compliance status, and cost management, which supported strategic decision-making in IT asset management.

Custom Scripting for SAMPro Automation: I authored specific JavaScript scripts to automate tasks within the SAMPro module. For example, I created scripts to automate software license reharvesting and compliance validation, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of software asset management.

Integration with Banking Systems: My role involved integrating SAMPro with other banking systems and external applications via APIs. This included linking the SAMPro module with procurement systems and vendor management platforms to streamline software asset management processes.

Translating Bank-Specific Requirements into ServiceNow Solutions: I converted the bank's specific requirements for software asset management into technical solutions within ServiceNow. This involved detailed requirement analysis, creating user stories specific to banking needs, and formulating acceptance criteria and testing strategies tailored for the financial sector.

Issue Resolution in SAMPro Implementation: I proactively identified and addressed challenges specific to SAMPro within ServiceNow, such as optimizing license utilization and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Collaboration and Training within the Bank: I worked closely with various departments at Deutsche Bank to align the SAMPro implementation with the bank's broader IT and financial strategies. I also conducted training sessions for staff on leveraging the SAMPro module for effective software asset management.

My experience at Deutsche Bank with ServiceNow, particularly in SAMPro implementation, is marked by a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities within the financial sector, a commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that align with the bank's objectives, and a collaborative approach to overcoming challenges and facilitating knowledge sharing.

ServiceNow Consultant, Software License Manager, BP, London

 September 2020 - Feburary 2021

ServiceNow Software License Manager

As the ServiceNow Software License Manager at BP, I led a transformative initiative to overhaul our IT asset management processes. This comprehensive project involved several key stages and achievements:

Development of a Full-Scale IT Asset Inventory: I initiated and directed the creation of an exhaustive inventory, which included a broad spectrum of IT assets from data centers, software, to hardware components. This extensive cataloguing effort was instrumental in pinpointing and eliminating redundant assets, thereby boosting our operational efficiency.

Execution of the ServiceNow® SAM Strategy: A meticulous four-phase strategy was employed:

Role Definition: Establishing clear responsibilities and roles within the team to ensure a focused approach.
Data Integrity Establishment: Implementing robust data validation processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of asset data.

Operational Integration: Seamlessly integrating the SAM strategy into existing operational workflows to ensure continuity and efficiency.
Cloud Insights Implementation: Leveraging cloud-based analytics to gain deeper insights into asset utilization and performance.

This comprehensive strategy streamlined asset management workflows, significantly reduced unnecessary expenditure, and aligned our IT investments with BP's strategic goals.

Optimization of Software Licensing: The ServiceNow® SAM strategy was pivotal in refining our approach to software licensing. It enabled us to minimize costs and mitigate risks associated with software assets. The strategy provided enhanced visibility into software usage and automated various stages of the asset lifecycle, leading to significant reductions in technology-related expenses and risk exposure.

Compliance and Optimization in IT Asset Management: I was responsible for ensuring that all of BP's IT assets were managed in compliance with licensing agreements. By utilizing accurate and reliable data, we were able to identify areas for optimization, make informed decisions about asset replacement, and manage the IT assets effectively, avoiding any potential legal or financial ramifications.

Throughout this journey, our focus was on creating a resilient and efficient IT asset management framework that not only met current needs but also poised BP for future technological advancements and challenges.

ServiceNow Implementation Consultant, NATS, Southampton

January 2020 - April 2020

Assumed responsibility for the validation process, encompassing rigorous testing and analysis to ascertain the system's functionality and performance met prescribed benchmarks, guaranteeing the delivery of expected outcomes.

Demonstrated a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement during the validation phase, successfully pinpointing weaknesses and deficiencies within the system. Leveraged data-driven insights to propose effective solutions, augmenting the system's efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.

Implemented crucial enhancements derived from identified improvement areas, introducing new functionalities, configurations, or system modifications. These enhancements were meticulously documented and effectively communicated to key stakeholders involved in the ServiceNow implementation process.

Strived to elevate the overall functionality and performance of the system through these enhancements, aligning with the primary objective of optimizing system operations.

Recognized the critical significance of the validation and enhancement steps in the ServiceNow implementation process, ensuring the platform's readiness to meet the organization's needs.


Modern Architecture


Knowledge & Expertise

If you believe I can add value to your organization, please feel free to contact me for further discussion.


Led a series of extensive ServiceNow implementation projects, overseeing every phase from initial requirement analysis to post-launch support. Collaborated effectively with stakeholders to define project scope, objectives, and expected results, ensuring they align with the company's strategic goals. Conducted thorough business process evaluations, adapting these insights into specific ServiceNow functionalities for improved operational workflows. Generated detailed project documentation, including business needs, functional specifications, and comprehensive test plans. Directed the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase and conducted vital training sessions for users, facilitating a seamless adoption of ServiceNow systems. Implemented recognized IT Service Management (ITSM) practices and utilized diverse ServiceNow modules to boost efficiency and compliance. Engaged consistently with ServiceNow's technical teams for optimal system configuration and personalization to meet unique business requirements.


  • Flow Designer Fundamentals: Proficient in utilizing Flow Designer for automating workflows and streamlining business processes.

  • JavaScript on the Now Platform: Skilled in leveraging JavaScript for scripting and application development on the platform.

  • Service Portal Fundamentals: Experienced in designing and managing Service Portals, enhancing user experience and interface customization.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Competent in conducting UAT to ensure that solutions meet business requirements and user needs.

  • Catalog Builder: Adept in using Catalog Builder to create and manage catalog items, offering user-friendly service catalogs.

  • Scripting: Proficient in writing, debugging, and maintaining scripts to customize and automate processes.

  • Service Graph Connector: Knowledgeable in integrating and utilizing Service Graph Connector to map and manage digital products and services.

  • Common Service Data Model (CSDM): Familiar with the Common Service Data Model, implementing best practices for data management and structure.

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB): Experienced in managing CMDB, ensuring accurate and efficient data tracking and asset management.

  • MID Server: Knowledgeable in the setup and management of MID Servers, facilitating smooth integration and data exchange between and external systems.


  • I specialize in obtaining software licenses, negotiating agreements, and streamlining the license acquisition process. I successfully negotiated a volume licensing agreement with a major software provider, reducing costs by 20%.

  • Compliance Management: I am experienced in ensuring adherence to software license terms through vigilant monitoring, term tracking, and managing license renewals for compliance. I implemented a compliance tracking system that reduced unauthorized software usage by 30%.

  • License Optimization: I excel in adjusting license allocations to balance expenses, avoiding the pitfalls of over or under-licensing and maximizing the utility of existing licenses. I reallocated underused software licenses, resulting in a 15% cost reduction in licensing fees.

  • Understanding License Types: I have comprehensive knowledge of different software license types, including perpetual, subscription, and named-user licenses, and I apply the most suitable type based on organizational requirements. I transitioned from perpetual to subscription licenses for key software, aligning with the company's scaling needs.

  • Vendor Relationship Management: I am skilled in fostering and sustaining positive relations with software vendors, negotiating advantageous terms, and understanding diverse licensing models. I established long-term partnerships with three major software vendors, leading to preferential pricing and terms.

  • Audit and Compliance Checks: I am proficient in performing detailed internal audits and compliance verifications to ensure conformity with licensing agreements and regulatory standards. I conducted an annual audit that identified and rectified compliance gaps, avoiding potential legal penalties.

  • Cost Management: I am adept at overseeing software licensing expenses, finding cost-efficiencies, and reducing wastage through optimal license distribution. I identified and discontinued 50 unused software licenses, saving the company £10,000 annually.

  • License Documentation: I diligently maintain and manage documentation for all software licenses, ensuring transparency and compliance. I created a centralized digital repository for all license documents, enhancing accessibility and audit readiness.

  • Policy Development: I am competent in crafting and implementing policies for software licensing to guide procurement and usage across the organization. I developed a company-wide software usage policy that improved license management efficiency by 25%.

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