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You People 2023 'LINK'

You People[a] is a 2023 American romantic comedy film directed by Kenya Barris, which he co-wrote with Jonah Hill. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Eddie Murphy. Its plot focuses on an interracial and interreligious couple, namely a white Jewish man and a Black NOI woman, and how their families reckon with modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations and generational differences. Set in the Los Angeles area, two Millennials meet by chance and go into uncharted waters in their dating lives.

You People 2023


You People was released in select theaters on January 20, 2023, before its Netflix streaming release on January 27. It was the first time Barris directed a feature film. The film received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and has stirred questions of anti-semitism.[1][2]

You People was released in select theaters on January 20, 2023.[11] It was released on January 27, 2023, by Netflix.[12] In its first week, the film debuted at number one on the Netflix English-language Top 10 list, being streamed for 55.65 million hours.[13]

But it is deeply uncomfortable to watch the Jewish side, so excited for this relationship to happen while the Black side continues to look down on them. I saw this dynamic continue on Twitter, where many Black women were commenting on how disgusting looking Ezra is, and how he could never get such a beautiful girl like Amira. Representation matters, people.

Kenya Barris appears to be a vile Jew-hater. Jonah Hill seems to have internalized so much self-hatred, he participated in this dumpster fire, which gives the movie cover. There are interesting and meaningful conversations that could and should occur between non-Jewish Black people and Jewish people of all colors and ethnicities. This movie set everything back. My only hope is that it will shine a light on all that is wrong so we can do the work to fix it. The JITC Hollywood Bureau is doing our part in the entertainment industry to educate about and advocate for the Jewish people. We have our work cut out for us!

Thank you for in-depth accurate analysis. You have identified so many problems in the movie. I cannot imagine any Jewish person NOT agreeing with you . It is so sad and concerning that this movie is being so widely viewed without a disclaimer at the start with your issues raised. And the Jewish people (of any degree of Jewishness), who participated should be ashamed of themselves. Netflix should pull this crap! Is there any way to protest this movie?

Have you also considering canceling Mel Brooks? /s this is a hit piece against the reform movement and if anything your attitude is why people leave Judaism. I am conservative Jewish, and my mom and I loved it. Focus on the real issues

I respectfully disagree with the the review. I watched this movie. Although the movie was mediocre, I was not offended by the things that appear to have distressed and offended Ms. Josephs. I wholeheartedly agree with JCB, who posted on 1/31/23 that this movie skewers the families of Amira and Ezra but fundamentally is based on the notion that people from different cultures can find genuine love.

But that night, she was not convinced. Looking back, I get it: her exposure to interracial couples came by way of TV shows and movies portraying them as taboo, destructive, or doomed, and the people who dare such romances as naïve and unable to consider the broader consequences.

This conversation long pre-dated the interracial family in those Cheerios commercials and all the other culturally blended spokes-couples that followed. Way back then, when popular culture explored Black people and white people falling in love, it was through stories where such pairings ripped families and communities asunder.

"In real life, we romance and get on each other's nerves and laugh and do all the things that any other race of people do," he told Hello! Magazine in 1999, when the storyline was scrapped. "So if the only time you show a balanced relationship is in an interracial relationship, whether it's conscious or subconscious, it sends a message I'm not comfortable with."

The common thread in all of these plots is the usage of interracial couples as tools to explore America's bugaboos surrounding race, not as distinct people or unique unions. When such onscreen couples were rare and few people of color were in positions to provide input in their creation, forgiving those predominantly white writing rooms for cooking up hackneyed plots to goose ratings or endeavor to explore race relations was easier.

That was then. Now, there are enough thoughtful screen examinations of racial politics along with normalized visions of inclusive casting to make "You People" stand out as a gormless throwback. Also, people like Kenya Barris, who landed a $100 million deal at Netflix in 2018 only to walk away from it in 2021, have the power and should have enough awareness to do better.

"OK, I'm just going to put this out to the group and see how it lands," Shelley blurts out, apropos of nothing. "I think the police are, and always have been, by the way, f**ked up towards Black people, and I for one hate it!" Ezra calls her off, only for Arnold to share his heretofore unmentioned love and respect for hip-hop star Xzibit.

Its boosters may point to the way it shows love winning in the end, but it's a hollow and hurried victory partly achieved by Ezra admitting on his suddenly popular podcast that Black people and white people can never get along. Akbar and Shelley hear this separately and see the error in their ways, mending their children's relationship with all the delicacy of closing an open heart surgery incision with an industrial stapler. Ezra and Amira may get married, but this movie spends a lot of time letting us know they shouldn't work.

Our society's fraught relationship with other cultures and non-white people requires folks in interracial relationships to contend with irritations and trials other couples don't. That much is true. But generally speaking, we're as boring as everyone else, cemented together by passions that have nothing to do with how other people feel. It would be wonderful to have a romantic comedy that affirms that in an emotionally intelligent, universally appealing way. Unfortunately, "You People" isn't it.

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Usually, political incorrectness proves to be an issue for modern-day comedies. There is so much nitpicking and deliberation on the jokes that it makes people fearful of what they say. Not You People, a spitting new comedy now streaming on Netflix.

David Duchovny: Oh, well, still true. But anyway. No, I'm kidding about that. But yeah, I just think it's disarming. It takes your guard down, literally. You know, surprises you and makes you kind of childlike. So I would hope that's a good place, that's why people love going to comedies, but it's also a good place to start a conversation from.

You People is a romantic comedy following two people from different cultural backgrounds that fall in love. They are happy to accept their own differences, but getting approval and acceptance from each other parents becomes difficult. We follow how they try to fix their problems so they can have a happy life together.

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Barris: No, we sold it as a directing vehicle for me. We didn't have any of those people. In some aspects, I think maybe the things I had done helped them consider taking a chance on it. I think moving forward, that would be something I would want to lean in on, those relationships and things that I've made in the past years, to make people feel comfortable that you're going to try to take care of them and do your best.

Barris: One of the things I found, and I laughed, was like, 'You guys have it easy.' You're doing a mini-movie in TV for a fraction of that cost every week. While making that mini-movie, you're editing the mini-movie from last week and writing the mini-movie for the next week. I felt well prepared for that part of it because of the years of production, and it helped me not get treated like a first-time director. The part I wasn't prepared for was that with movies, a lot of it is about talent management. In TV, people come to work almost like they're going to work at a canning factory. They clock in every day, and they may be there for the next five or ten years, and that's a different situation. Movies have movie stars, and movie stars line themselves up to say, 'You know what? I'm here for two months, I'm in, and I'm out.' It's a different sort of energy. 041b061a72


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