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Buy Hangers Cheap

If you need slim hangers for a small closet, or if you own silk or gauze garments prone to slipping, we recommend the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. We found them more customizable and less likely to stretch or crease clothing than other slim hangers. Although they lack shoulder notches for holding strappy tops, the velvet flocking should keep most blouses and button-downs in place. They come in both shirt (no bottom bar) and suit styles, and you can buy additional packages of mini-hooks to cascade them vertically like the Proman hangers.

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For this guide, we interviewed local professional organizer Elizabeth Zeigler of Bneato Bar (three consecutive years nominated as the Most Innovative Organizer at the Organizing Awards); Timothy Leung, a production pattern maker at rag & bone, who has more than 15 years of industry experience with woven outerwear, semitailored garments, and suiting; Sean Crowley, a senior designer at Ralph Lauren; and Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, who provided additional information about the specialty and luxury categories of clothing hangers.

The best hanger is designed to store and maintain garments without stretching, creasing, tearing, or changing the original shape of your clothing, which can help extend its life. Clothing hangers should be easy to hold, place, and sort while hanging, with a hook wide enough to fit securely over the closet rod (on average, modern closet rods are constructed to be from 1 inch to 1 5/16 inches in diameter; wooden rods in older homes may be smaller).

We looked at more than 30 different hangers sourced from big-box retailers, Amazon, and specialty online retailers, eventually calling in 14 of the highest-rated models for seven months of hands-on testing. We used an enclosed closet and a freestanding Fol-D-Rak clothing rack to test the hangers with cotton, wool, denim, and nylon garments, including collared shirts, trousers, jeans, coats, suits, dresses, and blouses; we used the hangers daily and normally, looking for evidence of creasing or stretching after storage periods of one to two weeks with shirts and trousers.

We eliminated clamp-style trouser hangers because they tend to damage fabric. Tier hangers provide efficient storage, but we omitted this style because the narrow metal gauge tubing creases fabric, and in practice it was too easy to accidentally slide off items on other tiers. All of our picks except our coat-hanger recommendation offer slim designs to maximize closet space.

In an earlier version of this guide, we dismissed a couple of similar, slim, PVC-coated steel hangers from Mawa in the Competition section. But we have since reevaluated them. Our tester has been using the Euro and pants hangers, in white, for more than three years and has seen no sign of wear or issues with dust collection; our tester has also never observed any sticky residue from the coating or unusual amounts of creasing.

In our tests, all narrow-bar pant hangers, including The Container Store Chrome Pant Hangers, eventually left a crease on lightweight-fabric cotton trousers within three to five days (although not as bad as from clip-style pant hangers). The appearance of creasing varied depending on the humidity and the diameter of the pant arms, but we needed a light steam or ironing to remove marks indented onto our lightweight suit pants.

IKEA Bumerang: People often name this hanger as a cheap general-use favorite, and it gets the job done with a minimalist frame. One of our testers has been using these hangers (in white) since late 2017, using them for everything from winter coats to blazers to silk shirts, with neither issue nor complaint. But in comparison with our top pick in the general-use category, price reflects quality: In our tests, a rough wooden finish, inconsistent construction, and a weakly secured pant bar were characteristic.

AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers: Although these hangers are affordable and come in three color choices and packs of either 30, 50, or 100, the abundance of negative reviews they receive is troubling. Many reviewers complain of the AmazonBasics velvet hangers arriving broken or breaking shortly after arrival. Others mention that the flocking rubs off easily, or that the coating has damaged clothes people were trying to hang-dry.

Tosnail Super Grippy Slip-Reducing Contour Shirt Hangers: The Tosnails look like a knockoff of the Mawa hangers. We were ultimately concerned that their shape could lead clothing to slip, and the rubber coating would be too sticky. Some reviewers complained about the same coating issues we were concerned with, and others call out the Tosnails for being too large for small tops.

Storage Dynamics Pant Organizer Slac Hangers (previously called IdeaWorks Slacks Hangers): The rotating smooth-ribbed plastic cover across each of these chrome-plated open-end pant hangers made it easy for us to remove pants individually, but the design also made it easy for pants to fall off while we thumbed through the closet.

With the exception of closet connoisseurs who buy hangers based on aesthetics, most people buy plastic hangers in bulk, use freebies from the dry cleaners, or whatever hand-me-down hangers are on hand with little thought about hanger type or quality. The problem with randomly acquiring hangers is that hangers matter, and it is important to understand why.

Wire hangers are typically very cheap. These are the hangers dry cleaners give away for that very reason; they are inexpensive and cost-effective as giveaways. Wire hangers are made of thin wire twisted into a hook at the top.

These hangers are not durable and often lose their shape when heavier garments hang on them. Other issues with wire hangers include how the thin structure and hard wire can deform clothing and wire hangers can rust over time.

Velvet hangers are commonly used to save space due to their flat, thin design. They are often used as a no-slip way to hang lightweight clothing. Velvet hangers are typically reasonably priced. One common complaint about hangers covered in velvet is color transference. If the velvet is not properly processed before use, the color of the velvet may transfer to your clothing.

Wooden hangers are constructed with wider arms and a strong, long-lasting form, allowing clothes to hang without creasing. However, not all wooden hangers are created equal. The quality of the hanger can make a big difference in the life of the hanger and its effect on your clothing.

Cheap wooden hangers feel light and may not be constructed using durable, quality materials such as cedar or rosewood. Some less expensive versions of wooden hangers feel as if they are made from medium-density fiberboard MDF.

Low-quality wood hangers is a rough texture causing damage to clothing. Another issue consumers have with lower-quality wooden hangers is hanger construction. The hook is likely to detach from the wooden base of the hanger.

Quality wooden hangers are designed to last a lifetime. Made with materials such as cedar, cherry, beechwood, or rosewood. Wooden hangers are finished with a smooth finish that will not damage clothing.

Wooden hangers are designed to help maintain the original shape of garments. In addition, wooden hangers keep their shape over time, maintaining their ability to hang clothes evenly. The support and shape mirroring effect of well-constructed wooden hangers help clothes last longer by avoiding stretching and misshaping items.

Solid wood hangers are much more eco-friendly than plastic or wire hangers. Hangers made from plastic or wire are not recyclable. Wooden hangers are made from natural materials built to last a lifetime. Using wooden hangers reduces waste and the use of harmful plastics.

High-quality wooden hangers can naturally repel bugs and moths from clothing. Using natural wood hangers can save your clothing from damage when storing clothing, such as winter coats or rarely worn suits, away for months at a time.

Higher-quality wooden hangers require less maintenance but wooden hangers, in general, are low maintenance. However, you can take a few steps to preserve the quality and life of your hangers, such as a simple periodic maintenance routine of cleaning and dusting the wood.

Flimsy, inexpensive hangers can affect the condition of your clothes, while quality wooden hangers protect the condition of your clothing. Luxury wooden hangers help you create an aesthetically pleasing, practical, and functional closet - but it will be an investment.

If you are hesitant to spend more on wooden hangers, try looking at them as a long-term investment. You can pay once for something that will serve you the rest of your life and help you preserve your clothes for longer wear.

Premium wooden hangers are the best option because not all wooden hangers are created equal. Wood design and quality are significant factors to consider when determining the best hangers to purchase. Other factors include the hook or metal head of the hanger. It needs to be safely designed to stay intact and prevent scratching.

The shoulders of the hanger must be strong enough to support the clothing you need to hang. While notches are not always necessary, it is nice to select a hanger design with notches to help keep straps in place, preventing clothing from falling. Hangers with a supportive horizontal bar make hangers versatile for hanging many clothing styles, including pants.

Hangers, or coat hangers, offer the ultimate storage for clothes. Organize your wardrobe, closet or hallway. Easy to access, neatly arranged and wrinkle free. Choose between thins plastic hangers to save space or solid wooden hangers that add some style and quality to your wardrobe.

Only Hangers designs and manufactures one of the largest and most sought after collection of clothes hangers in America. We use only the highest quality materials in all of our wooden, plastic and metal hangers. In addition, we offer all of our high quality hangers at below wholesale prices. Whether you are a retailer or just looking to organize and beautify your home, you'll discover that Only Hangers is the ONLY place to buy your clothing hangers! 041b061a72


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