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Ali Denisov
Ali Denisov

Download File Magnet AXIOM Forensics V6.4.0.323... !FULL!

As always, I appreciate the feedback, comments or questions. You can reach me anytime at lance(at) magnetforensics(dot)com. Special thanks to Ryan Kubasiak from Blackbag Technologies for some of the detailed iOS encryption information and document references.

Download File Magnet AXIOM Forensics v6.4.0.323...

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Different artifacts are recovered from the LINE app. The main focus of our research is on four folders stored inside the local memory of the smartphone. By examining the internal memory of the smartphone, it was determined that the app stores some artifacts on different locations in the app folder. These artifacts are related to its activity within the internal memory. We can understand the DB schema and can recover the critical information of LINE app activity from the database folder. Note that the importance and the location of the artifacts can be examined during any criminal investigation. It was discovered that LINE manages the directories within its app folder. LINE app stores the cache for transferred, downloaded, and uploaded files in the app cache. From the examination of local memory and databases of the app, we can recover the information (message/media transferred, cache copies) within the DB table in a plain text form with the exception of the password. All the contacts are recovered from the database folder even after deletion. We realize that app data is stored in a different location and different forms can be interesting in a forensic investigation. 041b061a72


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