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Medical Assistant Programs In California

When choosing a medical assistant program in CA, you should look for the one that is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAHEEP). These organizations set excellent standards for medical assisting education in California, and employers across the state look for candidates who have graduated from accredited programs.

medical assistant programs in california

Santa Rosa Junior College aims at preparing medical assisting graduates to work in a variety of clinical settings. Students are taught by an experienced faculty who deliver coursework that is designed in consultation with industry experts. Practical skills are enhanced through extensive experiential learning at its simulation lab and clinical sites in neighboring areas. This certificate program covers both, the clinical and administrative aspects and trains you to be a competent and ethical entry-level medical assistant. Besides, the support services offered by the college that include financial aid, career development, and scholarship opportunities further make your journey as a student a rather seamless one. Upon completion of the program, you can either kick start your career or transfer credits towards an associate degree and pursue higher education.

Established in 1978, the American Career College is one of the popular medical assistant schools in southern California. The 9-month accelerated diploma training is designed to help you gain professional skills and knowledge in both, administrative and clinical procedures. Upon graduation, you will be ready to establish a career in a medical office, physician clinic or any other health care setting. You will learn to schedule appointments, prepare patients for exams, take medical histories, assist the physician with examination and procedures, record vital signs, perform lab tests, and prepare & sterilize instruments. The entire curriculum is divided into 4 learning units or modules. At the end of your coursework, you will undergo a 200-hour externship at a local health care facility.

Chabot College prepares students for a career in medical assisting with two different program options. While the certificate can be completed sooner, the associate is well-rounded and takes two years to complete. Both these programs include courses in medication administration, electronic health records, medical terminology & disease process and aim at preparing students with both administrative and clinical skills required to successfully work in an ambulatory care setting. To hone your professional skills, you will undergo an externship at a health clinic. Furthermore, you will participate in a clinical seminar where you analyze and discuss your clinical learning experience with faculty and peers. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to sit for the AAMA Certified Medical Assistant exam.

City College of San Francisco is a medical assistant college in California that offers two program options for those keen on a career in allied healthcare, so depending on your career goals, you can decide on either the certificate or an associate degree offered by the college. While the certificate serves you well for a career as a medical assistant, the associate degree is ideal if you desire a well-rounded education as it also includes general education courses. Both programs teach you about administrative functions, lab procedures, and diagnostic tests. The coursework also includes courses in organization & management and advanced computer applications. Graduates are well versed with billing, insurance, medical record management and bookkeeping & scheduling appointments, basic phlebotomy procedures and the use of Electronic Health Record. Adherence to OSHA regulations and infection control is also taught as part of your coursework. Regardless of whether you complete the certificate or associate, you will be eligible to take CMA and Phlebotomy Technician exam.

Milan Institute prepares you for a medical assisting career within a short time of four months. Thanks to its strong focus on career-ready skills, graduates of the college are in strong demand with employers across the region. This certificate program teaches you the administrative and clinical functions that are required while assisting a physician. The industry-ready curriculum and career assistance services ensure students make a smooth transition from college to the workplace. Additionally, there is also an option of completing training to become an administrative medical assistant that prepares you to manage the front office duties at offices of physicians, podiatrists, and chiropractors.

Medical Assisting education at Modesto Junior College comes with two options, a certificate, and an associate degree. While the certificate can get you started with your career in just eight months, the associate degree takes longer to complete. Both programs train you to take the national certification exam and become a Certified Medical Assistant. The curriculum focuses on the foundations of clinical practice, communication skills, medical business practices, medical law & ethics, and safety policies & practices to avoid injury and illness. Post-graduation students can take up entry-level positions at appropriate health care settings.

A career as a medical assistant can not only be promising in itself but also serves as a foundation for higher-paying careers such as a Physician Assistant or Medical Administration. To cater to individual career goals, Cosumnes River College offers three certificate courses and an associate degree with rigorous didactic classes and lab training sessions. While the certificate comes with specialty options in Medical Insurance Billing, Administrative Medical Assistant, and Clinical & Administrative Medical Assistant, the associate degree is comprehensive and covers both, the front and back-office functions. If you plan on career advancement in the future, it is recommended that you complete the associate program. Regardless of the option you choose, your training also includes a minimum of 180 hours of externship at area health care centers.

Orange Coast College aims at preparing students for a medical assisting career through its certificate, and associate degree program. While both programs equip you with the requisite clinical and clerical skills, the associate degree is preferred by those who aspire career advancement through higher education. The certificate program starts in fall and admits a maximum of 24 students each year, upon completion of which, interested students can opt for the associate degree completion. If you aspire to enter this college, it is recommended that you take Math and Science in high school to lay a strong base for the medical assisting courses. Program graduates will be eligible to take the certification exam to become a certified medical assistant.

A medical assistant is a significant member of a healthcare team and what better opportunity than to complete your training in a short duration and embark on this career. The 33-week medical assisting certificate program from Charles A. Jones Career and Education Center prepares you with clinical and customer service skills without making you pay through the nose. The coursework entails completing 990 hours in front office and back-office courses as well as an externship at a medical facility. Customer service, medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, EHR Sim Chart, typing, EMR, insurance, billing & coding, CPR/first aid, and malpractice insurance are some of the courses you take that prepare you for a successful allied health career as well as the certification exam.Our Ranking Methodology

Many employers hire only CMAs, or Certified Medical Assistants, in order to provide excellent patient care. You may take the CMA examination through the American Association of Medical Assistants after completing an accredited medical assistant program. Post certification you need to earn continuing education units to maintain your CMA credential.

In California, you can also earn your certification through California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants, or CCBMA. To become certified, you must first complete an accredited medical assistant program in California or after working two to five years in the field, then apply for the exam via the CCBMA website. You must also be CPR certified at the time of your examination to qualify.

The medical assistant salary in CA ranges from $25,600 to $55,830 each year depending on the city in which they work, their years of experience, their certifications, and any additional skills they may have. If you work in a large metropolitan area, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, you will earn more than a medical assistant working in a more rural and less populated area. The average annual salary for medical assistants across the state is $38,250.

Since medical assistants are unlicensed, they perform non-invasive support services under the direction of a licensed surgeon, physician, podiatrist or nurse. Some of the tasks they perform include scheduling appointments in the front office and measuring vital signs with a patient.

Medical assistants in California must meet specific requirements, according to the licensing and regulations set in place by the Medical Practice Act and enforced by the Medical Board of California. The requirements state that medical assistants must gain experience in one of two ways:1

Medical assistants in California serve an important role in the health care system, aiding licensed physicians and other medical staff in healing the public. The typical career trajectory for a medical assistant starts with entry-level employment under the direct supervision of senior staff. As they learn the fundamentals of health care they are introduced to the various niches they can choose to grow in.

One of the best reasons to become a medical assistant is the expected job growth over the next decade.2 The reason for the expected increase in positions is due to the growing demand for preventive care among the baby-boom population. As a result, there will be an increased need for medical assistants to help physicians provide the medical care their patients need. 041b061a72


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