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Driver Tuner 3 5 0 0 Cracker

Toyota/Lexus Gen 3R7F701202/R7F701216 P5-UDSLC300/LX500d 3.3TD P5-UDS (F33A-FTV/R7F701216)LC300/LX500d 3.3TD MCU #2 P5-UDS (F33A-FTV/R7F701216)LC150/Hiace/Hilux/Revo/Fortuner 2.4TD, 2.8TD P5-UDS (1GD-FTV/2GD-FTV/R7F701216)LC150/Hiace/Hilux/Revo/Fortuner 2.4TD, 2.8TD 6AT Gearbox P5-UDS (AC60F/R7F701201)Camry/ES/Rav4/UX 2.0L, 2.5L P5-UDS (M20A-FKS/A25A-FKS/R7F701202)Camry/ES/Rav4 2.5L 8AT Gearbox P5-UDS (UB80/R7F701201)Camry/ES/Rav4 2.5L HV P5-UDS (A25A-FXS/R7F701202) [Test]Corolla 2.0L P5-UDS (M20A-FKS/R7F701202) [Test]Highlander/Siena 2.5L HV P5-UDS (A25A-FXS/R7F701216) [Test]Yaris GR 1.6T P5-UDS (G16E-GTS/R7F701216) [Test] [RD/WR/CK]Reading, writing, checksum correction

Driver Tuner 3 5 0 0 Cracker

Direct access FM preset codes for the NAD C420 tuner, (but should also work for other NAD devices that support direct access IR to preset stations such as Philips Pronto and Marantz RC 5000 remote control systems). Remote codes:

It sounds like a back light or power supply/ LED driver board problem. Look for bulging capacitors on the power supply board. If they all look ok, check connections on the back of the power supply board and the LED driver board if it is not part of the power supply board. Some models combine the two on one board.


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