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Ignatius Doronin

I Drawed An Android! ##BEST##

To use it inside a layout you would set the android:background attribute to the new drawable shape. The shape we have defined does not have any dimensions, and therefore will take the dimensions of the View that is defined in the layout.

I Drawed an Android!

Finally; you can set this rectangle to be the background of any View, although for ImageViews you would use android:src. This means you could use the rectangle as the background for ListViews, TextViews...etc.

I found this answer, which does what I need to do, using the javascript API. In this solution, the drawn route nicely follows the roads, similar to the google maps android app. Does someone know whether this is achievable in an android app?

Google Maps android app can nicely draw a route from one point to another, keeping the route on the roads. Does anyone know how Google Maps is doing this? Is it using any other API which is not publicly exposed?

I am currently learning to make an android app that uses Google Map to display data to the users. Currently I am using Polyline to draw out all the "data/lines" that I want to show on the map, but I draw it straight on the Google Map, like mMap.addPolyline(...). (I wish I can post a screenshot but I don't have at least 10 reputation :-( ).


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