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Japamala Prayer Malayalam.pdf


How to Pray the Japamala in Malayalam

The Japamala or Rosary is a popular devotion among Catholics, especially in Kerala. It is a prayer that consists of meditating on the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary, while reciting a set of beads. The word Japamala means "garland of prayers" in Sanskrit.

Japamala Prayer Malayalam.pdf

The Japamala has four sets of mysteries: the Joyful, the Sorrowful, the Glorious and the Luminous. Each set has five mysteries that correspond to different events in the life of Jesus and Mary. For example, the first Joyful mystery is the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.

To pray the Japamala in Malayalam, you need a rosary or a string of beads that has one cross, one large bead, three small beads, one large bead and five sets of ten small beads separated by one large bead each. You can also use your fingers to count the prayers.

Here are the steps to pray the Japamala in Malayalam:

  • Make the sign of the cross and say: "àààµâààµàààµàµ à…ààµàൠààµàª àààµàààµâààµàൠàààµâààµàààµ." (Lord, have mercy on us.)

  • Hold the cross and say: "àµàààµàµàà àªàµààààà" (The Apostles' Creed)

  • Hold the first large bead and say: "àààµàààµàൠàªààààµàµ..." (Our Father...)

  • Hold the first three small beads and say: "àªàµààµàà ààµàµààµàªàµ ààµàൠààµààµààµààµ..." (Hail Mary...) for each bead.

  • Hold the second large bead and say: "ààµàµ àààà" (Glory Be...)

  • Announce the first mystery of the set you are praying (for example, "The Annunciation") and say: "O my Jesus..."

  • Hold the first set of ten small beads and say: "Hail Mary..." for each bead.

  • Hold the next large bead and say: "Glory Be..." and "O my Jesus..."

  • Repeat steps 6 to 8 for the remaining four mysteries of the set.

  • After completing the five mysteries, say: "Hail Holy Queen..." and "Let us pray..."

  • Make the sign of the cross and say: "Amen."

You can find more details and Malayalam texts of the prayers and mysteries in this PDF file: Holy Rosary Malayalam / Japamala



Praying the Japamala can also help us to grow in virtue and holiness. As we contemplate the mysteries of Jesus and Mary, we can learn from their example and imitate their actions. We can also ask for their intercession to obtain the graces we need to overcome our sins and weaknesses. The Japamala can be a powerful weapon against the temptations of the devil and the world.

Another benefit of praying the Japamala is that it can strengthen our relationship with God and with others. The Japamala is not only a personal prayer, but also a communal prayer. We can pray it with our family, friends, parish, or even with the whole Church. When we pray the Japamala, we join our voices and hearts with millions of Catholics around the world who are also praying it. We also remember the intentions of those who have asked for our prayers or who are in need of God's mercy.

Finally, praying the Japamala can bring us joy and happiness. The Japamala is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God for all His blessings and wonders. It is also a prayer of hope and trust in God's promises and plans for us. The Japamala fills our souls with peace and love that surpasses all understanding. It is a prayer that leads us to heaven, where we will see God face to face and enjoy His presence forever.

These are some of the benefits of praying the Japamala daily. If you want to experience them for yourself, why not start today? You can find more resources and tips on how to pray the Japamala in Malayalam in this PDF file: Holy Rosary Malayalam / Japamala

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