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This series is granddaddy of survival horror games, so it's obviously going to feature on this list. Resident Evil Revelations Collection combines both the original 3DS title Revelations and Revelations 2 (although the sequel is a download code if you buy physical, so beware) and provides some excellent over-the-shoulder scares. Both are available separately on the eShop and the latter is ideal for co-op if you have a friend. In fact, we'd recommend you bring someone else along - it might be less scary that way...

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Such as: Resi Evil 4 (especially Wii Edition, one of my fav all time games), RE Revelations, Alien Isolation, Limbo & Inside. Stories Untold is on my wishlist, haven't got round to downloading it yet.

When you play OFP, do you hear an extremely annoying crackling or static-like sound? So do many players. Some folks get it in other games, too. Is it an OFP bug? A Creative Labs Sound Blaster glitch? A DirectX sound API snaffu? It's been talked about quite a lot on the OFP forums (dead link).

Skipping mouse cursor pointers could be caused by a number of things. For the Logitech MX700 mouse, download the latest drivers and make sure that the 'Disable acceleration in games' option is enabled.

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