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Tips and Tricks for Using the Download Bar on Mac

If you find your Mac won't download anything such as downloading macOS, applications, or files from the App Store, the internet, or within the apps, there are fixes for the Mac download not working issue. Read more >>

By default, the Downloads folder is added to the list of Favorites in Finder, which is located on the sidebar of Finder. You can launch Finder and select Downloads from the left sidebar to quickly access all downloaded files, such as app installer, documents, videos, etc.

download bar on mac

Download apk:

My Downloads folder in my dock has been showing a download/progress bar at 50% since yesterday. There aren't any half-complete files in my Download folder, Google Chrome isn't awaiting any action to accept or discard an upcoming download nor am I copying anything into that folder.

None of the other solutions would solve this for me. The odd part about my issue (that others may or may not have experienced) is that the bar had appeared under the downloads folder yet if I opened different apps the bar would remain in place instead of staying centered under the downloads folder.

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It just happened again. I was downloading a MacRuby nightly and my Downloads folder was bouncing more than usually. Looking into the folder I see one of my previous downloads, SENotifier, back in there. It's only 361 KB and the progress bar is at the very beginning.

Also, my Downloads folder somehow got out of order. It used to be in order so that whatver I downloaded showed at the top of the folder. Although I tried sorted it by date, I guess the soring feature is not working since nothing happened. When Downloads did show onthe dock, I still could not open the downloaded file by clicking on its icon in Downloads on the dock. I don't know if you can open the downloaded file icon fronthe dock. The problem is I am unable to read what I download because I can't find it (due to be ing downloaded out of order) or open it. I wonder if the you can delete what is in the Downloads folder as well since I didn't see a way to delete it so I could clear everything to see what downloads when it downloads.

Alternatively, since you already have the Mac App Store open when downloading a file from it, you can also keep an eye on downloads from within its confines. For new apps, you'll need to click through to an app's page. Below the blue Installing button is a progress bar that estimates how many minutes remain before the download is complete. When updating apps, you can see their progress on the Updates tab.

For files you download not from the Mac App Store but from the internet, the Launchpad offers no help. If you've dragged your Downloads folder to the Dock, then you can mouse over it to see a progress bar of a file currently being downloaded. Unlike the Launchpad, the Downloads folder doesn't show you the MB count when you mouse over its icon.

While the Dock Downloads indicator shows the progress of files being downloaded to that specific location, it turns out all Finder windows offer a file transfer indicator. This means that any file being copied, downloaded, or moved to just about anywhere on the Mac will show you a progress bar.

I prefer the old version of Safari, it used to have a actual downloads box in it own window regardless if a web page is up or not and that had more info. The new download bar on the downloads folder is rubbish IMO. Bring back the window option lol

Mac users, you may be familiar with this problem. Apple was smart enough to include a folder containing recent downloads on your computer's dock, making them easy to find and easy to access, no matter where within the abyss of your system they have been saved. Until one day when you try to drag a photo out of the recent downloads and accidentally drag the entire "recent downloads" folder off of the dock, where it disappears in the familiar poof of smoke. I actually had a tough time figuring out how to get it back onto the dock in its original condition, so I figured I'd share a how-to with you. Find out how to fix it after the break.

To find your recent downloads, open the Finder and look for "Downloads" under the Places heading. Then, click the icon and drag it onto your dock. If clicking the folder once brings up a crazy, alphabetized list of every file you've ever downloaded (this is what happened to me), control+click on the folder and select "Sort by Date Added." Then control+click again and select "View content as fan" to reset the recent downloads to their original settings.

The Dock on your Mac comes with a Downloads folder, the default location for files you download from the internet, receive as attachments, or accept using AirDrop. It can appear in the Dock as a blue folder with a download symbol or as a stack of files. You can

The Downloads folder is one of the key folders found on your Mac. Its main purpose is to house downloaded files, installers, and other content. By default, a lot of apps (Safari, Chrome, etc) will save downloaded items to your Downloads folder. AirDrop, and many other file transfer apps, will also save received content to this folder.

my search possibility disappeared in my download Folder so I Cannot look for a specific feel as I have no search in the top right of the folderI have a MacBook Pro macOS Catalina 10.15.7 I reinstall the macOS nothing changed I still do not have the usual Search at the top of my my download folder screen so I cannot serach inside the download folder

You need to be on macOS Big Sur or Monterey, then you can download Bartender 4 from the website, open the disk image and move Bartender 4 to your applications folder. You can then delete any previous versions of Bartender you have and launch Bartender 4.

Starting on June 27, after you have received your admittance ticket and registration information from ExamSoft, you can register with ExamSoft and download and install Examplify onto the laptop computer you will be using for the exam.

Do not copy the ExamSoft program from one computer to another. For example, do not download the software to a desktop computer and try to manually move it to your laptop. If you move the software and exam files to another computer, an error message displays when you attempt to begin the exam. If this error message appears, you will be unable to use your laptop to take the exam, and you will be required to handwrite your answers. You may NOT download and install Examplify to more than one laptop computer.

After you have downloaded and completed the mandatory mock exam and uploaded the related exam answer files, the files for the actual exam will download automatically. Exam files will not contain exam questions; those are handed out in paper booklets on exam day.

Five additional copies of the mock exam are available if needed to help you become familiar with the Examplify application. Internet connectivity is required for downloading additional copies of the exam file and uploading exam answer files. NO internet connectivity is required while taking the mock exam. Download additional copies of the mock exam at Examplify's website.

If you do not receive the confirmation emails, you have not successfully completed the registration process for the July 2023 Bar Exam. You may check your registration status and view your download/upload history online. Log in using the Exam Takers box, click the Exam History button to review your record, and confirm that you have downloaded the exam and mock exam files and have uploaded the mock exam answer files. You should have two exam files for the essay questions and Performance Test sessions of the July 2023 Bar Exam.

CPU: Dual core 2.7ghz CPU & newer than 2010GPU: GTX950 and upRAM: 16 GB and upRecommended: Install BAR on a SSD (4 GB free disc space)We advise keeping at least 20GB of available space to accommodate the downloading of extra maps and storing replays and screenshots.

Run the launcher (and if prompted, allow it to make connections), and click the big blue ''Update" button to start the update proces. This will download all latest assets and can take a while. The launcher will also restart if it got updates as well.

The "General" preferences tab allows you to specify how the Globus icon looks and whether the software should automatically check for updates. "Use black and white menu bar icons" changes the color of the Globus Connect Personal status icon in the menu bar. The "Automatically check for updates" and "Automatically download updates" options determine how Globus Connect Personal should handle availability of a newer version. We recommend leaving the "Automatically check for updates" option selected for automatic notification of important security updates.

If you should encounter any issues updating in this fashion, then consider simply uninstalling the old version of Globus Connect Personal, downloading the new version, and then installing the new version from the downloaded installer.

This article goes through all existing methods to locate your missing or misplaced files, search every possible location for your Downloads folder, and restore deleted downloads in the case of actual data loss. Read on.

When clicking on an application or desktop to launch via Citrix Workspace or Citrix Storefront on an Internet Browser (not within Citrix Workspace App) and an ".ica" file shows in the download bar on the bottom left please follow these steps to automatically open said file: ICA file is downloaded during the process. After the ICA file is downloaded, enable the browser to open similar files automatically.Note: Instructions below are similar for other OS's when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Browsers.

Oops...It's so terrible for me when I download a video or large documents cause of I dunno what happened and result after clicked the download button. I only check the local file size to estimate whether complete or not, everything will be bad when the network is unstable.

To see if other users are experiencing similar download and installation problems, visit the Acrobat Reader forum, or the Deployment & Installation forum on Try posting your problem on the forums for interactive troubleshooting. When posting on forums, include your operating system and product version number.


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