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Business Vocabulary In Use: Intermediate __EXCLUSIVE__

Read Or Download Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate with Answers By Bill Mascull Full Pages.Get Free Here => =0521128285Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate Second edition is for students and professionals looking to expand their business vocabulary. Bringing learners up-to-date with the language they need for business today, this book explains words and expressions and also provides practice of using the new language. This second edition reflects recent developments in technology, global relations and financial practice and covers a range of topics from Finance to Culture at Work. It also helps learners develop skills in key areas including Presentations, Meetings and Negotiations.

Business Vocabulary in Use: Intermediate

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GERMAN 2175 Business German (3) Prerequisite: GERMAN 2101 or equivalent. Students will continue to expand their German skills for realistic use in the context of the German language business world. Particular emphasis is placed on business-related vocabulary, speaking skills and correspondence. No previous business experience necessary.

SPANISH 2175 Commercial Spanish (3) Prerequisite: SPANISH 2101 or equivalent. Students will continue to expand their skills in Spanish within a real-world framework related to business with an emphasis placed on business-related vocabulary and improved public speaking skills in Spanish. No previous business experience is necessary, although this course is perfect for those students pursuing a major or minor in Business, International Business, marketing, Communication, or any other business-related field. This course may not be taken for credit toward a major, but will count toward a minor in Spanish.

SPANISH 3260 Spanish for Business (3) Prerequisites: SPANISH 2171 or 2172 or equivalent and SPANISH 3200 or permission from the instructor. Cultivation of advanced language skills with emphasis on business vocabulary, basic business and cultural concepts and situational practice to help prepare for interaction in the Spanish-speaking business world. Designed for international business students, economics students, or anyone interested in expanding their awareness of the Spanish language or wishing to explore the possibilities of positions with companies that need to conduct business in Spanish.

Students will practice and enhance the basic linguistic skills developed in Mandarin 1101 and will acquire additional grammatical structures and vocabulary for achieving intermediate proficiency in conversation, reading, writing and translation as well as further understanding of the Chinese culture and customs.

Students will use a communicative approach to reinforce and expand their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at the upper intermediate level with a special focus on the first two linguistic skills. They will study more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary as well as a variety of topics on social and cultural issues. They will achieve upper intermediate proficiency in both reading and writing in various social and cultural contexts.

Students will learn specialized Chinese business vocabulary, conventions of business interaction and correspondence so as to be able to participate adequately in various business activities, and to process different Chinese business documents.

Students will continue to learn specialized Chinese business vocabulary, conventions of business interaction and correspondence so as to further enhance their ability to participate fully in various Chinese business activities, and to deal with different business documents. 041b061a72


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