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Soup With Ham Recipes ##HOT##

Ham soup filled to the brim with soft, tender potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic and the option of making your own ham broth from a leftover ham bone! Even picky eaters fall in love with this ham and potato soup recipe!

soup with ham recipes

This ham and potato soup was even better than I imagined it would be! All the taste without the heavy cream, which (even as a creamed soup lover) I did not miss. I doubled the recipe and tossed in 1 tsp each of herbs de provence, parsley and basil. Rather than add the flour as the recipe calls for, I measued the flour into a jar, added broth and shook to mix before adding.

This soup is SUPER delicious, my husband is begging me to not lose this recipe (as I often do). Definitely make it!I did make a few alterations (due to what I had on hand):-reduced potatoes to 1.5 C (and .5 C were sweet potatoes)-used skim milk (still turned out nice and creamy)-added a can of Great Northern white beans (to make up for the lack of potatoes)-added about 2 tsp of red pepper flakes-used red onion

Made this tonight and it was by far the best recipe I have found for ham and potato soup!! I altered it a little but I have saved it and will be making it again for sure. Thanks for sharing this!!

My husband said this is the best ham and potato soup he has ever eaten. He went back for two more helpings! He never does that! He even asked if we can have it for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It ISthe best!!

We just returned from a New Years trip to the Florida Keys yesterday and after defrosting my leftover Christmas ham I made this soup. Oh. My. Lord! The buttery taste is amazing! This is my new go to for ham and potato soup. So easy and so very tasty! Thank you for all of the yummy recipes!

This was the first-ever Christmas alone for my husband and me. We have been married almost five years, and always spent all the holidays with extended family. This year we moved to the other side of the country for our jobs, and the original plan for his family to come visit fell through. We had a quiet but wonderful Christmas- we decided to only give each other one gift and instead to spend as much time together as possible. I made your lobster recipe (the advantage of only being two!)- it was incredibly easy and ridiculously delicious! Definitely going to be our go-to fancy dinner now.

I went to Pennsylvania with my family to meet my new grandniece. She was due December 6th but arrived instead on August 15th, weighing in at 1 pound, 3.6 ounces. Happily, she arrived home last Friday and now weighs over eight pounds! Almost as big as the ham we had for dinner! She is beautiful. And, I am looking forward to making the ham and potato soup recipe with the leftovers.

We typically celebrate Christmas early as one of our sons is a fire fighter and one of our daughters-in-law is a flight attendant. This year we managed to get all the family together on December 15th for food, fun and laughter. As a result Christmas day was spent quietly with my wife and I sharing a glazed ham and spending a quiet evening beside the fire.

We had a quiet Christmas morning alone and then spent the afternoon celebrating Christmas with dear friends. Because of distance and personal circumstances, our Christmas celebrations with family will extend into the new year.

Since I am a fairly recent widow, I spent Christmas morning with my sister and husband and my nephew and his girlfriend. In the afternoon, went to my son and daughter in law plus two of my grandchildren who are 6 and 5. So fun. Then on Boxing Day was a Christmas spent with all my 11 grandchldren, three step children and their spouses plus my son and daughter in law again. It was the best Christmas over two days that I have had since I lost my husband. Special memories were created those days for sure.

Since my husband passed away 2 years ago, I was afraid Christmas was going to be quite a lonely time but thank goodness for a loving family, I spent Christmas at my granddaughters house with her husband, his unmarried father, my daughter, her son & husband, & of course their dog Nala. It was a fun time & wonderful meal & great company.

Had a low key Christmas celebration with the fireplace warming us, Christmas tree lights on and a light rain outside. We went out for our traditional Chinese meal, so delicious ! Love spicey! Enjoy your site so much with great recipes that are put together well, Thank you.

This year my husband and I spent the day quietly together with the dogs. It was nice not to have the normal hustle and bustle normally associated with the season. Good food was had, perhaps one of your recipes, LOL. judi

We Spent the day with our 13 grandchildren and 4 daughters and their husbands.WE started with your Breakfast casserole and opened presents, then off to the ski hill to enjoy a day on the slopes with all but 2, and fresh Utah powder!

it was our turn to have the charismas lunch/dinner , we celebrated with my family and my husbands family , 42 of us , as some could not attend , its always a great union, of fun , laughter , games , a lot of food and friendship , the new babies and new pets are always a welcome additions to our get togethers,this soup recipe is a great way to use up the left over ham

I spent my Christmas recovering from 2 hours of singing ending at Mid-Night, then after a well deserved sleep (and walking the dogs) I made cinnamon rolls, then put the ham in to cook. I have one Son who hates cooked veggies so I got a veggie tray for us all to graze, them with dinner rolls and whipped potatoes we set down to eat and they both enjoyed everything.

Spent Christmas day with most of my family and lots of extended family. Cooked a big meal (this is the only holiday we spend in our home and I get to cook for). Got up, prepared most of my meal, opened gifts with my husband and kids, attended Mass together as a family, came home, finished preparing the meal, waited for everyone to arrive, had lots of visiting and playing card games all day. Finally got the house cleared around 1030 last night. All in all a wonderful holiday with my family.

I spent Christmas at home with my family this past year I have been working on changing my eating habits with a keto lifestyle and thanks to Cafe Delights I made a very tasty keto meal that my family and I enjoyed with out the guilt of giving into temptation. Thank you for the diversity in menus it has allowed me to maintain my 50 lbs weight loss without feeling deprived.

Christmas day was quiet, but very cozy with my husband and youngest son. Our oldest went on a road trip with his wife, so we will celebrate again when they return. This ham soup looks wonderful, I am going to make it this week! We really love your recipes, they are a staple and in constant rotation here. We also moved last summer to a new state, so missing friends and celebrations of the past.Blessings to you! XO

I spent my Christmas day with my mum and spent hours doing homemade facials and pampering ourselves (while eating lots of delicious food). The spent boxing day with my Mum, sister and brother in law, swimming eating and playing card games, was fantastic!

We recently retired to where our sons & grandkids live so I got to have Christmas at our house with those I love more than anything in the world! Right now my ham bone is simmering on the stove for ham broth!

I made your Honey Mustard Glazed Ham for Christmas dinner along with a roasted turkey breast. Enough ham leftover for this yummy looking soup! My daughter hosted dinner and we shared the cooking. A wonderful family day of presents, card games and great food!

My husband and I made Christmas supper on the 23th for my family. We had a lot of fun sharing the kitchen with traditional family favourites and experimenting with new recipes. Each of us have our strengths in the kitchen. We both love food and experimenting with different recipes, mine usually English recipes and he with French recipes!

My grandmother past away on Christmas Day 4 years ago and Christmas was her thing. She said it was the only time of year that everyone could relax and enjoy the time together without grudges. She was right. Our Christmas starts a week before with decorations and food prep. Our Christmas Eve get together is a tease for the Christmas Day Feast which everyone comes together for. There are plenty of gifts and party games to promote warm fuzzies all round. We have the most amazing time together as we eat drink and be merry. Our food is nothing less than a banquet with a mix of tradition, a blend of culture and plenty of fresh seafood. The sweets are over the top taste sensations and a banquet in their own right. I love Christmas and Nan would be proud as she is included on a little table with a photo and candle that burns throughout the celebration.

I always do a traditional breakfast casserole and this year I made the breakfast sausage casserole you had featured. It was excellent and our family enjoyed it and was very easy to make. I used country sausage and a blend of diced peppers as well as zucchini. We followed that with prime rib for dinner which turned out perfect! Love your recipes. Have tried many of them. My 89 year old father fell and fractured his leg a few weeks before Christmas so we were able to bring him home for the day from the rehab center so he could enjoy some fabulous food! We are small family so special time was had by all.

I spent Christmas with my daughter, son-in-law iand two grandchildren. We had our traditional brunch of spinach quiche, fruit salad, coffee cake and ham made with your Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze recipe. Everyone loved it!

I shared a wonderful meal with family and friends this Christmas. Loved seeing me little grandsons open their gifts and show their excitement. Little ones sure make Christmas special! We had a ham and I am going to make this delicious looking ham and potato soup right now! I can already taste it!Thanks for all the great recipes and have a Happy New Year!


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