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If you want to makes your eyes look even more open and adds depth and dimension, of course a cut crease eyeshadow look is the best choice.Tap the eyeshadow primer in the eye socket and then blend with dark brown eyeshadow till the eye tail. The nude lipstick might be a good match with brown eye tone.


According to the color combos, there is nothing more beautiful than purple and orange eyeshadow. These sunset shades wear beautifully together, that's why we recommend using them together in colorful eyeshadow date looks. Try to wear an elegant purple shade on your lid and a popping yellow in your crease for a bold eye, then apply orange shadow only to the lower eyelid.

If you can draw a heart on a piece of paper, trust me when I say you can etch some onto your lids just easily. Makeup artist Cait Murphy proved just that when she shared her heart-filled cut crease look on the MakeupAddiction subreddit. She started off by sweeping a rose-gold eye shadow like the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeshadow Metallics in Rose Chrome all over her lids. Next, she drew on flicks with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner before lining along her creases to create a negative-space look.

Now the fun part. Eye makeup. To get a cut crease and for easy cleanup, put a small piece of scotch tape from the end of your eyebrow to the corner of your eye. I use cheap 99cent tape because it is not that sticky.

Cut creases are an absolute favourite for many beauty enthusiasts. A cut crease is characterized by a clean line drawn slightly above the eyelid to give depth and definition to the look. It is all about putting your eye crease centre stage and accentuating it with eyeshadow. Scroll through the gram and you will see most beauty enthusiasts sporting this as a part of their eye makeup routines.

The reverse cut crease trend was kickstarted by UK-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi last November. She created a smoked-out version of this look by placing most of the eyeshadows above the cut crease as opposed to the standard clean brow bone. This reversal immediately added an edge to the popular shape which received mass appreciation on the gram. Takahashi also included a white shadow above the outer half of the crease while also extending the shape to the brow bone. Meanwhile, she kept the lid space minimal with white eyeshadow in the inner portion and carefully blended out a dark brown shade in a cat-eye shape.

Many people think that the cut crease is a modern day technique, but really, it has been around long before the invention of the internet. The cut crease first became a popular beauty trend in the 1960s. Along with hippie and mod fashion, came bold and geometric eye makeup. Some famous icons that popularized the look during this decade include Audrey Hepburn, Liza Minnelli, supermodel Twiggy, Diana Ross and drag queen Divine. During this time, the cut crease matched the mood of the era. Graphic liner often defined the hard crease, with little to no blending. This look was often paired with false eyelashes or mascara. A perfect example of this look, is the iconic makeup looks that supermodel Twiggy wore in many of her pictorials.

  • Hey my loves!How has your week been? Mine has been quite hectic! But I finally found the time to get this look up for you guys. It is actually not a tutorial but instead, is just a bit of fiery red inspiration for your makeup for Valentine's Day 2018! To be honest, I think I will probably be in my Pj's this valentines day, eating pizza and working, as I always do haha! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the look!Glitter Valentine - Red and Gold Glitter Cut Crease - Makeup Inspiration: The Veiled ArtistYou can read my post here, that I wrote last year about how I spent my valentines day and what I think about the day itself!Valentines Day Makeup Look 2018Products used:LA Girl Pro concealers in Fawn and Pure Beige used to prime eyelids and cut crease

  • Morphe 35c eyeshadow palette for shadows

  • Festival Face Glitter Glue

  • Violet Voss Glitter in Rose

  • La Colors Glitter Liner in firefly

  • Essence Waterproof Ink Liner

  • Huda Beauty lashes in Jade

Thank you so much for reading my loves! You can check out my last post here. It was a gorgeous sparkly deep cerulean smokey eye look and check out any of my tutorials here if you came here looking for an actual tutorial to rock on the day! Oh anddd! If you like this look and want to see a tutorial for it, comment below and let me know or you can comment or dm me on any of my social medias as well! Its TheVeiledArtist everywhere

The blue cut crease with glitter graphic liner that you have shared with us through this article looks very beautiful and amazing.Thank you for sharing it with us, I would like to have more useful tips and tricks in the future also. Keep sharing

Cut a large piece of wax paper and fold it in half to make a crease. Place the heart cut out at the fold mark and trace the heart. As you can see below, I placed the straightest part of the heart line on the crease. You want the 2 hearts to stay attached at that spot, so keep that in mind while tracing and cutting. This little line helps fuse together the 2 sheets of wax paper.

Channel your inner 90s supermodel with this glorious brown cut crease look by talented self-taught makeup artist Tatiana Rose. To recreate this look, opt for matte eyeshadow shades and create the shape you want with a pencil eyeliner. Once you have traced out the shape of your cut crease, diffuse any harsh lines with a pencil eyeshadow brush dipped in a matte brown eyeshadow. Then, create a sharp contrast to your eye makeup by applying a light beige shade underneath the cut crease. This little step helps your cut crease to stand out more. Finally, finish your sultry eye makeup look with false lashes and pair it with a matte brown lippie.

This look is pretty easy to recreate, the trick is applying the glitter without getting it everywhere. I recommend using strong eye glue to keep it in place properly. This look gets a rating of easy-medium.

Can eyeshadow get any more pink? This eyeshadow has the smokey factor, the pink factor, the cut crease factor and the glitter factor! Loads of techniques in one and it sure is one gorgeous look. This is a medium-hard look to recreate.

How to do it: Start off with your go-to lid primer and use a warm brown for your transition shade in the crease. Deepen it in the outer corners and then apply a fresh base of concealer where you want the gold to really stick. Then, apply a gold foil shadow all over the lid and blend out to the crease. Go back in with flakey glitter over the entire lid where you placed the gold shadow, we recommend using a glitter glue or a primed brush to make sure it has staying power. To balance out the drama unfolding on the lid, take a blue liner to your waterline and add that wow factor. Finish it off with black eyeliner and incredible lashes and this look is sure to be turning heads wherever you go.

How to do it: Prime and set the lids with a light concealer and eggshell powder to create an ultra-smooth canvas for the shadows. Then, going in with a fluffy brush, use a matte magenta shade to give the crease some colour and blend all the way to the top of the brow bone. Next, use a foiled chartreuse shade to deepen the outer corner and the outer lower lash line. Take the yellow-gold and pack it in the inner corner, blending towards the centre of the lid and finally add the pink to the middle to complete the look. Make sure the transitions are smooth and gentle on both the upper and lower lid and let the shadows do the rest!

How to do it: Dive right into your classic evening look with a cool brown transition shade in the crease. Layer it with deeper browns, being sure to accentuate the shape of your eye and leave the lid as bare as you can. Use a fluffy brush to blend between each colour and drag the remnants of pigment to connect the brow bone to your nose contour. Then take a white-gold shimmer and pack it into the inner corner and blend it across the span of the lid for it to take full effect.

How to do it: To get the left eye look, all you need is a bright gold shimmer shadow, and a burnt orange to frame it. Start by priming the lid with a lightweight concealer or primer to make the subtle colours shine, and define the crease gently with the bronze as your transition shade. Take care not to be heavy handed on the outer corner as this look focuses all the deep hues on the inner part of the lid. Blend around the eye creating a halo effect and generously apply the bronze on your lower lash line before going in with that stunning gold shimmer all over the centre of the lid. Pack it on to make the gold pop and then blend outwards for a sunset look to die for.

The look, which was done by her go-to manicurist Eri Ishizu, featured a combination of french-tip designs as well as 3D nail art. Some fingers featured a traditional deep-french smile line, while others donned an inverted french. Every nail, however, had some form of a gold 3D jewelry, whether it was a string of crystals, gems, or spheres. The manicure managed to highlight the rest of her look, which featured a forest green hair color (offset by pastel green money-piece highlights and mistletoe hair bubbles), as well a shimmery green cut-crease on her eyes.

For the 2nd origami envelope, we need to prepare a piece of square paper. Fold the square paper in half and then unfold. Fold either side of the creased paper in half again and then unfold. Now, fold the outer edge of the 2nd half folded crease in half again but this time, do not unfold the last fold. Fold and bring the bottom side (folded side) to the 1st half folded crease and align them nicely.

There is no better way to say 'I love you' then with a gift you made by yourself. With one of these 3 elegant (and, yet, very easy to make) cards your love message will be crystal clear. They are great not just for Valentine's day, but for every occasion you need a bit of sparkle and hearts (birthdays and such things). Write a lovely note inside the card (for example, You make me happy, so I made this card to return the favor), put it under the bow on a box of chocolate or in a bouquet of flowers and you're loved one will be absolutely delighted.In this tutorial, I will show you how to make three different cards templates, how to make hearts in various sizes and shapes, and how to assemble all together in elegant Valentine's day cards. Please, do not be afraid of so many steps in this article. As always, I wrote an in-depth tutorial, and make sure to cover all the issues and possibilities. You'll see, these cards are really simple and easy to make.Making the cards templatesWith the templates, you will make cutting process easier and sides of the cards will be evenly straight and look more professional. The principle of making all of three templates are the same, the only difference is the size which I will give you in step-by-step instructions for each card. Step 1.To make template place printing paper on work surface, and with the ruler measure and mark with dots desired length and width. Also, mark the middle of the card. Using a ruler to keep the lines straight connect all the marked points.Step 2.Cut out the pattern along the lines. Do not throw away templates you made because you can use them for making other cards (e.g. a birthday or Christmas cards).Making the frame templateOne of the cards has a frame on it, and here is how to make a template for it. Step 1.To make the frame mark on another printing paper 15 cm (5.9 inches) long, and 15 cm (5.9 inches) wide square. Connect the marked points, and then measure 2 cm (0.7 inches) inside the lines. The frame is 2 cm (0.7 inches) wide, and inside of it is 13x13 cm (5.1x5.1 inches). After you finish the measuring connect the marked points. Cut out the outer part of the frame with the scissors. Step 2. To cut the inside of the frame, place the template on the cutting mat, and place the ruler along the edge of the marked line. Cut the paper with an X-Acto knife from beginning to end of the marked line. The ruler will serve you as a guide to keep the lines straight. Step 3.Cut all four sides of the frame, and remove the inner paper. Save that piece of paper because you will need it later.Making the heart templatesStep 1.Take a small piece of printing paper and fold it in half so the edges are side by side. Step 2.Press the crease with fingers to flatten it. Step 3.Draw a half heart shape by starting from just a bit up of the middle of the folded portion to the bottom corner. Step 4. Cut out the pattern along the lines and unfolded it. You will get a perfectly shaped heart. After you finish card making do not throw away hearts templates because you can use them for various other projects as well. How to use the templatesCard template - Place the decorative paper on cutting mat and put a card template over it. Place the ruler on the edge of the template and using it as a guide cut the decorative paper with an X-Acto knife. Cut all four sides of the card in the same manner. Frame template - To cut the outside of the frame, place the decorative paper on cutting mat and put the frame template over it. Place the ruler on the edge of the template and using it as a guide cut the decorative paper with an X-Acto knife. Cut all four sides of the frame in the same manner. Do not remove the template yet.To cut the inside of the frame, place some heavy object on it. I used my favorite cup. In this way, the template will remain fixed in place, and it will prevent distortion of some parts of the template during the cutting. Place the ruler along the edge of inner part of the template. Cut one side of the decorative paper with an X-Acto knife using the ruler as a guide. Move your weight (in my case that is a cup) on another part of the template, and cut another side of the inside of the frame. Repeat until you cut all four inside sides of the frame, and then remove the weight and the template. Hearts template - Turn the decorative paper on the back, and place it on cutting mat. Turn the heart template so the inside of folded side of the template is facing the back of the decorative paper. Place the heart template on decorative paper, and trace a contour of the heart with a pen. Remove the template and cut the heart with scissors.Folding the cardsBend the card it in half so the edges are side by side. Hold the edges in place with your fingers, and with thumbs gently push paper toward the middle of the card. Decorative paper is slightly thicker than regular paper, so if you immediately fold it will get wrinkled, unequal and irregular folding crease. Gently press the crease with fingers to flatten it. Then take the ruler, and move it with gentle pressure over the crease to align and strengthen the fold.Framed heart cardMaterials and tools2 sheets (A4) of the white decorative paper1 sheet (A4) of red decorative paper with white polka dotsHeart shaped scrapbooking puncherPrinting paper (A4)PencilRulerX-Acto knifeScissorsCutting MatPaper glueStep 1.Make a card template 30 cm (11.8 inches) long and 15 cm (5.9 inches) wide. Also, mark the middle of the card (which is on 15 cm/5.9 inches). Cut out the pattern along the lines.Step 2.Make the frame template whose outsides will be 15x15 (5.9x5.9 inches), and inside 13x13 cm (5.1x5.1 inches). The frame is 2cm (0.7 inches) wide.Step 3. Take the paper you had cut from the inner part of the frame and fold it in half so the edges are side by side. Make heart template of it as explained in the introductory part of the tutorial. By using the inner part of the frame you will get the heart of perfect proportions for this card. Step 4.Place the sheet of white decorative paper on cutting mat and using the template cut the card base. Cut the frame from another sheet of white decorative paper. Step 5. Fold the card base. Then apply glue on the frame, and carefully place it at front of the card. Put the card on the side for few minutes to let the glue to dry.Step 6.Transfer the heart template to the red dotted decorative paper.Step 7.Cut heart shape with the scissors.Step 8.With the scrapbooking punchers cut several hearts of the remains of the red dotted decorative paper.Step 9.Apply glue to the bigger heart and place it in the middle of the frame. Apply glue to the smaller hearts and place them on the frame. Allow the adhesive to dry for few minutes. Your card is finished and ready to write a lovely message.Gold hearts cardMaterials and tools1 sheets (A4) of the white decorative paper1 sheet (A4) of golden decorative paper with textureHeart shaped scrapbooking punchersDouble sided tapeGold embroidery thread or satin ribbonPrinting paper (A4)PencilRulerX-Acto knifeScissorsCutting MatPaper glueStep 1.Make a card template 26 cm (10.2 inches) long and 13 cm (5.1 inches) wide. Also, mark the middle of the card (which is on 13 cm/5.1 inches). Cut out the pattern along the lines. Transfer the shape of the template on the white decorative paper. Fold the card base in half. Set aside.Step 2.For this card, you will need three hearts - one big and two medium. For the bigger heart, I used the same template as for the first card. For medium hearts, I made a template and retrace it shape twice on the back of the golden decorative paper. Cut out the heart shapes with the scissors.Step 3. This card is decorated on both sides, and the bigger heart is folded in the middle of it. To fold big heart place it with the golden side on the cutting mat, put the ruler in the middle of it, and trace the line with X-Acto knife. Be careful not to cut the heart in half, you just want to make a dent in the middle of it.Step 4.Carefully bend the hard in half. The dent you make will do this step very easy. Step 5.With the scrapbooking punchers cut several hearts of the remains of the golden decorative paper.Step 6.Cut several long strands of golden thread. My thread was very thin so I cut 10 strands. I used embroidery thread, but you can use satin ribbon. The strands should be long enough to stretch over the entire card and to have remained for tying. Approximately the length of strands should be about 55 cm (21.6 inches).Step 7.Tie both ends of the thread strands to prevent their separation and cut the excess with scissors.Step 8.Glue one side of the double tape in the middle of the big heart. Remove protection on another side of the tape.Step 9.Glue the thread on the tape.Step 10.Apply paper glue on heart, and place card base on one part of it. Make sure that the fold of the card is level with the crease on the heart, as well that the heart is placed in the middle of the card base.Step 11.Fold the heart so it attaches to the front of the card.Step 12.Glue other hearts on both sides of the card base. Allow the adhesive to dry for few minutes, and then write your message. Tie the thread in the bow, and your card is finished.Tied gold and red cardMaterials and tools1 sheets (A4) of the gold decorative paper1 sheet (A4) of red decorative paper with textureGolden crochet yarnPrinting paper (A4)Gold ink stamp pad or marker pen (optional)PencilRulerX-Acto knifeScissorsCutting MatPaper glueStep 1.Make a card template 20 cm (7.8 inches) long and 10 cm (3.9 inches) wide. Also, mark the middle of the card (which is on 10 cm/3.9 inches). Cut out the pattern along the lines. Transfer the shape of the template on the gold decorative paper. Fold the card base in half. Set aside.Step 2. Make heart template and transfer it to the red decorative paper.Step 3.Cut heart shape with the scissors.Step 4.


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